Wind Energy Solutions

Naviga Stal company ,based on many years of experience in hydrotechnical power plants construction, management and maintenance, decided to expand renewable energy services to onshore and offshore wind energy.

Innovative maintenance and management solutions used by Naviga Stal in hydro power plants are successfully applied in harsh wind energy turbines extending the lifetime of wind turbine blades and reducing the maintenance cost. Main product of Naviga Stal is patented Leading Edge Protection Tape solution (LEPT).

Naviga Stal company  (Wind  Department) became the specialized provider of advanced technical solutions for wind turbines. The products and services offered by Naviga Stal  are engineerd to significantly improve manufacturing and maintenance efficiency and lower installation and lifetime costs. Naviga Stal offers customers comprehensive technical assistance with their product applications and works together with customers to improve final products. Naviga Stal is valued by customers for innovation, cost optimisation, high quality and reliability.

Naviga Stal mission is to support wind energy companies in cost of energy reduction with offered solutions, services and products.