Wind Energy Solutions

Naviga Stal (Wind Department)  Leading Edge Protection Tape LEPT is an innovative product engineered by Naviga Stal for superior abrasion, impact and chemical resistance providing increased protection that results in extended life of wind turbine blades leading edge surfaces. Naviga Stal – Wind LEPT offers excellent wear resistance and enviromental characteristics, protecting over time for better performance and aesthetics.

Naviga Stal – Wind LEPT is used in applications requiring thin and quickly replacable wear resistance protection.

Naviga Stal – Wind LEPT is formulated to be applied with specific process suplements developed and offered by our firm.

Benefits of using Naviga Stal – Wind LEPT include:

  • Superior abrasion, impact, chemical and enviromental resistance. Naviga Stal – Wind LEPT has an enhanced ability to withstand damage from sharp objects and the ability to withstand wear from the rubbing of an object.
  • High volume manufacturing and efficient maintenance. Naviga Stal –  Wind LEPT is developed to provide cost savings in production, energy, and shipping. The 100% solids in these products allow for reduction in freight costs when compared to products which contain solvents. Without solvents, the ambient production process will have an increase in throughput with a decrease in energy costs. There is also a reduction in waste disposal costs as well.
  • Higher wind turbine rotor yield.  Naviga Stal –  Wind LEPT is developed to provide additional boost to wind turbines energy production by specifically engineered  shape of patented edge turbulators. While other leading edge protections solutions create the energy loss due to their shape , Naviga Stal – Wind LEPT gives the extra energy boost at the level of up to 3% per year.
  • Designed for new products and service. Naviga Stal –  Wind LEPT is designed for manufacturing of new products and easy application of wind turbines which are already in operation. Thanks to its innovative composition of materials and construction can be applied easily on the leading edges of wind turbine blades in any environment.

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